TSLycha.com: Lycha's home on the web

Hi there, cutie!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Lycha, and I am:

  • 💖 an adult entertainer,
  • 💖 a computer programmer,
  • 💖 a wildly kinky chick,
  • 💖 an electronics hobbyist with an engineering degree,
  • 💖 a transgender woman (the kind with a little something "extra"),
  • 💖 and the weirdest or coolest person you've met (depending on who you ask).

You can find me all over the Internet:

  • 💖 Twitter (SFW, sort of): @tslycha
  • 💖 Twitter (totally NSFW): @lychaxo
  • 💖 Facebook (SFW, more or less): @lychaxo
  • 💖 Instagram (basically SFW): @lychaxo
  • 💖 Mastodon (pretty NSFW): @lychaxo@switter.at (locally archived; Switter shut down in March of 2022)
  • 💖 AVN Stars (potentially very NSFW): I made an AVN Stars account @lychaxo, but I have not really started using it yet. Follow me, though, and maybe I'll start posting stuff!
  • More places to be added soon!